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Chantele DiBrava likes telling stories; your stories, my stories, your neighbors’ stories, news stories, old stories and sad stories... but most importantly, good stories. She figured out at an early age that stories are everywhere and if you just sit back and listen, everyone has one to tell. She soon fine tuned her listening skills to the likes of Aretha Franklin, Dolly Parton, Tom Petty and Barbra Streisand and learned that these great artists were highly effective in bringing great messages to the masses. Chantele believes that “music is at it’s most powerful, when there’s a message behind the melodies”. Her message is that life sometimes becomes much more difficult than we ever expected, or are prepared for; but that overcoming these hardships are what make life’s blessings so sweet. Her songs deal with our everyday struggle for love, social acceptance and survival, while also observing our internal conflicts like the delicate balance between humility and vanity. Her objective is to interpret these social narratives in a contemporary pop context.
Chantele’s story is not unlike the typical indie musicians story; a New Jersey Singer, who for years has been trying to break into the music business, while consistently working and improving upon her craft. Growing up a fan of top 40, Pop, Rock and Country music, built the foundation Chantele would later use to build her own unique vocal prowess. She moved to New York at 15 to act in Broadway shows by day and explore its diverse music scene at night. During this time Chantele learned to play multiple instruments, including the guitar, fiddle, harmonica and ukulele. She also honed her craft of songwriting, while sitting in and learning from some of the best writers New York City had to offer. Chantele has also spent time writing and performing in Nashville and Los Angeles, which has furthered her diversity as an artist.